6 ways being a married travel nurse can strengthen your relationship

Click on the state name to search open travel nursing jobs in that area. Keeping Things In Perspective While finding romance may not be the only reason to travel to a new state, it can definitely play a part in deciding. Head over to WalletHub to read the full study, and click below to get started on your fairy tale assignment. And like with everything else, I did little to prepare myself. It expands your horizons: Dating on assignment encourages you to be open to meeting new people from different parts of the country, different cultures and ethnicities that you have may have never been around. It helps you create your life partner checklist: Spending time alone sometimes allows you to think about what it is that you want in a partner.

This Is How a Travel Nurse Couple Paid Off $60K in Debt in 1 Year While Living in an RV

Travel nurses are both avid travelers and nursing professionals. The career has some very unique challenges as well. The great thing is that there are tons of apps to help travel nurses save money, simplify their careers, and have fun. Here are 59 apps for travel nurses to consider. GasBuddy helps you find cheap gas based on your location. You can also search for cheap gas by city, zip, or postal code.

Dating: It’s hard for everyone, but especially for travel nurses. Even if you’re not looking for anything serious, having to start over from square.

On the upside, meeting new people and going on dates at your new assignment might be a lot more fun than spending another night home with Netflix. Join a sports league or art class, learn a new language, volunteer with a charity or attend meet-and-greet events for new residents — being active in the local area and exploring your interests can help you meet like-minded people you may hit it off with!

Not sure where to start? Check-out local groups on Meetup. Are you looking for a long-term partner? Do you want to date someone more casually?

Working with Multiple Travel Nursing Agencies

The opportunity to see the country and make great money are two of the top motivation for why nurses decide to travel. With so many travel nursing jobs from Vermont to Washington, signing a contract to be a travel nurse for weeks at a time can be a lot of fun and an exciting career move! Homesickness affects all travel nurses. Dating sites like Match and Tinder will allow you join for a month or longer and provide an ideal way to start discussions before you arrive at your new destination.

Have you been eyeing that taco place a few blocks from the hospital?

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For qualified nurses who want to get more out of their careers, Travel Nursing has been nothing short of a revolution. In fact, Travel Nursing is still a fairly young movement, having only been around for about forty years. With only so many qualified nurses around, hospitals in the Big Easy put the word out to other communities that they needed temporary help, and Travel Nursing was born.

During the s, this practice began to catch on, as hospitals in places such as Florida and Arizona began to recognize the substantial jump in patients they would treat during the winter months. Rather than maintaining a full staff year-round, it made more financial sense for them to staff up seasonally. During this time, rapid advancements in medicine and booming populations were in the process of creating a shortage in skilled nursing, which many hospitals sought to solve by hiring nurses on a temporary basis.

As more and more hospitals took up the practice to meet their staffing needs, more and more agencies cropped up to help nurses fill those needs. Of course, the nursing shortage that gave rise to the Travel Nursing movement continues to this day, with no sign of abating. The World Health Organization estimates a global shortfall of nearly 4.

Making Friends and Dating as a Healthcare Traveler

To work — or not to work — with multiple travel nurse agencies The answer is simple: YES! Much like job searching for the traditional 9-to-5 desk job, there are so many benefits to working with multiple travel nurse agencies at a time. Not to mention, the rewards truly outweigh the risks

A travel nurse or travel therapist still unlucky in love and searching for a partner may wish to consider online dating.

Finding your match is not easy, but I want to provide a few basic rules that must be in place to even have the hopes of finding the right person for you. Yes, you can find someone, but I want you to find the right one. When I say the “right one”, I mean someone who meets your ideals and is compatible with your personality. I will gradually write several articles answering this question: how to find your match.

It is a process that can be complicated and has many variables. Finding your match does not happen overnight.

Bride-to-be Travel Nurses Share Their Proposal Secrets

Travel Nursing in the Aussie coastal communities will give you the means to swim, snorkel and dive with the local royalty on your days off at pristine locations such as the World Heritage-Listed Great Barrier Reef. Spend your evenings around the campfire with indigenous locals under a starry, clear Aussie sky listening to Dreamtime stories, traditions and ceremonies dating back tens of thousands of years. Join our team of friendly professionals today and see first hand why so many Travel Nurses rely on Nurse at Call every day!

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Did you know that you can find romance on your travel nursing journey? Here are the best states for dating on your travel nursing assignment.

Page 1 Page 1 Apply Now. About us. In fact, many aspects of travel nursing actually help you build a healthy, lasting relationship. In this article, two travel nurses, Deborah Morton cardiopulmonary progressive care and Krista Gurganious home health , share six ways the travel nurse lifestyle has enhanced their relationships. Krista met her husband online. To be with him while they were dating, she had to take a plane once a month to North Carolina.

Becoming a travel nurse was a way for her to be physically closer to a relationship that had always relied on long-distance commuting. Krista took a travel nursing assignment in North Carolina and the rest is history. For Deborah, becoming a travel nurse was the best way for her to support her husband in pursuing his career goals. The first semester, he took on two jobs and he went to school full time and he still got on honor roll, did honor society, and received two awards.

So Deborah decided she needed to do something. Coming from different backgrounds can be a challenge in many relationships, but travel nursing can help couples balance both their needs. Her spouse had a different experience growing up.

Dating travel nurses

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Travel Nurses & Dating

Travel nurses offer a necessary service that allows others in the nursing field to take time off from work as needed. They are an essential part of the healthcare industry. Many people depend on them each day to help fill in the gaps at hospitals or in-home health care situations. Many people enjoy the versatility involved with being a travel nurse. They get to work with different patients and travel to new areas, all while helping out their fellow nurses.

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Dating is hard, in general. But dating while traveling on a nursing assignment can be extra tough. Long distance relationships require planning, honest communication, support, and trust. Here are seven tips to help you keep your relationship healthy while you are away. Before you begin your next travel nursing assignment, set some ground rules so that you both know what to expect while you are gone.

The more you share, the more likely your significant other will feel like they are there with you. Also, try to find different ways to communicate with each other. Mix things up by sending audio clips, pictures, and short videos from time to time so that your partner can hear and see you. These creative gestures will make him, or her not only feel loved but also attended to. Long distance is tough for both parties. The best thing you can do is acknowledge those feelings.

How To Deal with Being Homesick While on Travel Nursing Contract

Dating a travel nurse can be difficult, but if you follow these 5 easy tips for dating a travel nurse , you and your nurse will be well on your way to happily ever after! Expecting your traveler to leave their beloved career behind and find a stationary position is one of the quickest ways to lose them. Most likely, they chose this career because of their love for travel, and asking them to give it up shows a lack of compassion for their wants, and can be considered selfish.

Travel nursing jobs for nurses are found at Medical Solutions, one of the country’s top Joint Finding the perfect Travel Nursing company is a lot like dating.

And like with everything else, I did little to prepare myself. It expands your horizons. Dating on assignment encourages you to be open to meeting new people from different parts of the country, different cultures, and ethnicities that you have may have never been around. It helps you create your life partner checklist. Spending time alone allows you to think about what it is that you want in a partner.

Maybe there were characteristics that you admire in someone you met in another city that you find yourself missing.

Registered nurse dating site

How did Marty propose? It was on our summer trip to Spain and Portugal. We had already discussed our desire to get married, but I had no idea he was going to propose on our trip!

Before you give up hope on having a fulfilling travel nursing career and relationship at the same time, read on for advice on how to make it all.

Trying to begin a relationship while working in travel nursing can be a challenge, BUT it is not an insurmountable one. Despite the challenge, it is important not to neglect current relationships, or avoid creating new relationships when on an assignment. One hypothesis to explain this result comes from a study conducted four years earlier. It showed that people with strong relationships reported greater levels of happiness and personal satisfaction. In , a study was published that indicated that happiness levels can predict lower heart rate and blood pressure.

A study expounded on this, asking people to rate their happiness on a scale of one to five, and measuring their heart disease risk based upon a variety of factors. In short, relationships can help travel nurses take care of their health by reducing stress and providing greater satisfaction in their lives. So, what can a travel nurse do to help make meeting people and forming relationships easier. A great way to form relationships as a travel nurse is at your new job.

One advantage to meeting a potential partner at work is that they would be able to start working as a travel nurse with you, if that were something you both decided to do. Imagine, getting to travel the country doing what you love, with the person you love. Workplace relationships actually have among the highest rates of success if measured by number of resulting marriages.